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Language seems to be the only outstanding and unique cultural heritage of a tribe or nation. It makes the people completely different from all others, despite the colour. People from different languages may share certain traits, norms and values, but the boundary is their individual language difference.

Obolo people have a language called Obolo.

Obolo language is unique and very dear to the heart of Obolo people.

This is just a food for thought.

 February, 21st is set aside worldwide by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO], as the mother tongue day. It is a day to remember, appreciate and to celebrate the indigenous language of a people; be it the language of the majority or the minority. The year 2016 turned the pendulum to Obolo, as the National Museum and Monuments, Rivers State, deemed it fit to select Obolo as the Mother Tongue language of the year 2016 for Rivers State.

Tuesday 23rd February is thus slated for exhibition and celebration of Obolo as the Mother Tongue language of the year 2016 in Rivers State. The celebration will feature among others: interschool competitions in Obolo language, traditional dance, paper presentation, presentation of award, exhibition of the relics of Obolo cultural heritage and books published in Obolo language.

The venue for this grand occasion is the National Museum, at no. 2 Harley Street, Old GRA, Port Harcourt, in Rivers State.  Time is 10.00am prompt.

All Obolo sons and daughters of Obolo from various walks of life are invited.  Lovers of Obolo Nation should also queue in. It is the celebration of Obolo nation and her language.

Let us come together as a team to champion the course of Obolo, to appreciate, to embrace, honour Obolo and to uphold our unique God-given cultural heritage; thereby leaving behind us a legacy for the oncoming generation.

You are welcome! Obolo, eji ekibe owu onu o! 


Ere orirọ yi obomọnọ irek ìre ere National Museum, òso uwu iba me oniin̄ Harley me GRA eyi oka (No.2 Harley Street, Old GRA), me Port Harcourt, me Agan̄ Otu Mun̄ (Rivers State). Mgbọ: 10 eyi ewelegwe (10am).

Ekigwen otutuuk bọn owot Obolo me ìrek geelek, me ere geelek, ibaan̄ mè irieen̄, ibe esibi enu enegọọk esa Ido Obolo mè usem kiban̄ ebaan̄ alọm. Ebi imama Obolo si egọọk enu.


Ina, inyi eji egbaan̄ ubọk me ejit  ge esa Ido Obolo eje enyi isi, eji enenwọọn̄, mè ekat Obolo etap me lek, enemin Obolo, mè ebene Obolo, irot keyi Awaji ochebe inyi eji, efo  inyọn̄,  mè esa me ikeya esun̄ àta iman̄ me mfufuk  enyi ebi ukot ikinu me udun̄ kiji.

Obolo, enyi mînu-o !


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