Newsletter 2019





Inu echi ogwu enerieen̄ ge me Obolo ochebe inyi uwu ikwaan̄ Usem Obolo.


In an organized society, there comes a period when the reason for the establishment of any business is manifested. Obolo Language and Bible Translation Organization is destined for all its activities and achievement so far. Undoubtedly, our numerous supporters deserve, not only honour but respect for the accomplished task, hence the need to keep abreast and ensure that the greater service to God and humanity is sacrosanct, as we forge ahead.


The OLBTO is an NGO, a nonprofit oriented Organization with a vision of transforming Obolo nation through God’s word in Obolo Language, and a mission of developing Obolo land and translating God’s word and other relevant books into Obolo language. Consequently, OLBTO has achieved great and it is striving higher, especially in the area of promoting/preserving the unique cultural heritage of Obolo ethnicity and promoting quality education. We therefore urge and encourage the identification, resolute and effective continuity in cherishing the relentless efforts to build up Obolo Nation.


The promotion of quality education in Obolo land is a sine qua non. The OLBTO therefore established Obolo Bilingual Education Centre (OBEC) where Obolo is used as the medium of instruction in line with the National Policy on Education. The school is a private / model centre to demonstrate, in Obolo and Nigeria in particular, that mother tongue based Bilingual Education is more effective than education through the medium of foreign language only, and to showcase the type and scope of enrichment that can come as a result of it. A plan to commence a Science Technological Secondary School has reached an advanced stage. Interestingly, eminent scholars of Obolo origin met at Agwut Obolo recently to draw up Obolo curriculum with emphasis on Science and Technology. You can identify with us.


We thank God for our numerous supporters to sustain our vision. Finance is our major constraint. This is coming at the back drop of the wide spread apathy resulting in derailment in payment of assessment and subvention by churches and LGAs respectively. We observed this with dismay, and the unfortunate experience has dwindled away to nothing in recent time. This grotesque development leaves a bitter taste which cannot ascertain the level of damage done. However, God being on our side, a 2k - 2k campaign has been on course for more people to enroll as to shift the project sustainability from only churches to also include the ordinary people of Obolo Nation. In fact, we say a big “THANK YOU” to those who have joined the 2k – 2k club and have started to give their monthly contribution of 2k and more. We have been enormously encouraged by these contributions during our greatest time of need. May God bless you all.


The OLBTO is established to pursue a productive cooperation among Obolo Nation in the concerted drive for documentation and development of Obolo language. It is the responsibility of the Organization to coordinate and harmonize every interest in this regard. The use of Obolo in schools and churches should be taken seriously. The use of English language as a medium of instruction, especially in the church where members are native speakers of Obolo, is unhealthy. The bilingual school is aimed at training our children and wards, who are the future leaders, in the language of the environment. We therefore charge ministers of God, teachers and parents to rise up and revolutionize the all-round growth and development of the language. It is now the time for the Renaissance of Obolo. It has been proven that learners learn better if they understand the language of the communication.


Our heroes laboured successfully to weather the storms, and Obolo Bible was dedicated and launched precisely on the 24th May 2014. The good team work and spirit de corps of our great heroes cannot be over emphasized. Today God speaks to us in our own language. It is marvelous in our eyes. Therefore 24th May of every year should be commemorated, for it marks a milestone in the history of Christian life in Obolo land. We note, with appreciation, and commend those churches that always celebrate the day.


This department serves as an evangelical, informative, and enlightenment unit of the Organization. The major focus is to draw people’s attention to its set objectives. Jesus film is a tool for both rural and urban evangelism. Unfortunately, the equipment has become obsolete. Though the film on VCD is on sale, we need to acquire a slide projector, a woofer, a power unit, etc., for better productivity. The OLBTO website has been developed. You can log on to www., to read Obolo Bible on line. You can also follow us on Our VCDs are on  The Obolo celebration as well as Obolo Protestant and Catholic Bible Apps are ready for downloading at the play store, while the Obolo E-learning website is now live on

We trust in God who has taken us to this level. We believe that with your unflinching supports, the sky will be our limit. Your comment for improvement is welcome.


The laudable contributions by our numerous supporters cannot be forgotten in a hurry.  Recently our son, Arch. U. J. Urombo, a philanthropist per excellence with an impervious tenacity in the service of God has enormously assisted the Organization to procure a printing machine, keke napep, etc., to ameliorate the financial predicament of the Organization.  We implore him to continue to be a blessing that he is already to humanity.

We cannot also fail to attest to the support from a church in the United State of America. They helped to procure a set of solar equipment to the Organisation, and this was a timely intervention which saved us from the problem of poor power supply.