Newsletter 2020



Education is said to be a veritable tool for social change, national integration and development.  The extent to which the features are achieved in any organized setup depends largely on the people.

The increasing outcry of state of things this year brings so much desire for proactiveness.  So your indomitable spirit and methodical cooperation cannot be forgotten in a hurry, hence the need to keep you abreast of synopsis in the following areas.


Obolo language and Bible Translation Organization operates as a cohesive unit.  To ensure a good and systematic arrangement of activities; we designed, developed and added values to our culture.  However, a number of factors manifested, bringing obvious decline in church assessment, donations and subventions. The debilitating effects became enormous. But God, in His infinite mercies, gave us the sense of value as well as helping in the identification of our interest and management prudently.


The greatest challenge to fulfilling the vision of any organized setup is finance.  The OLBTO is faced with acute shortage of funds; financial assistance from our supporters became a problem due to the COVID–19 pandemic which engulfed the entire world.  The untold hardship brought by this ugly development cannot be over emphasized.  We therefore solicit the continued support of our benefactors to maintain and sustain their financial obligations to us, so that we can forge ahead.


It is said that education is a veritable tool for social change and refined society.  The development of any nation or society depends largely on the quality of education.  The objective of OLBTO is to establish and operate demonstration Schools where the pedagogy of Obolo language will be taught and learnt.  The outcome of the Schools will be seen as a litmus test of our concern for conservative cultures.  The Science and Technological Secondary School will operate in its pilot centre this academic year.  It is our hope that other parts of Obolo will experience the same according to need.  The OLBTO is passionately appealing to all persons of goodwill to join us to navigate the course of these laudable objectives.


When resources are not properly managed, it becomes a waste, and to guide against this, there is the need to get out maximum result.  The need for churches to celebrate 24th May of every year is sacrosanct.  The day is set aside in Commemoration of the complete Obolo Bible.  This singular feat has made us stand tall among many language groups.  Support the project.  This year’s celebration was not observed due to the COVID–19 pandemic.


One of the features of OLBTO is Communication.  Parts of Obolo Communities are living independent of Christ due to lack of knowledge.  They do not mind the inevitable doom which their decision and choice portend.  Today the Word is penetrating Christianity into restricted areas and gospel barren ears through the use of Obolo Bible.  We call on churches and corporate bodies to partner with OLBTO on how to use the Bible.


The world is fast migrating from analogue to digital, manual to automated and electronic.  Information and Technological-driven Communication are becoming OLBTO major concern.  It is in view of the impact of this that this department is creating different platform to effectively project our image.

Today, efforts are on top gear to organize online reading of our materials and a school to be opened soon for all Obolo students across the globe. For more information, log onto


It was another great day for OLBTO.   Precisely on 3rd January, 2020 eminent personalities under the auspices of Gokana Bible Translation Initiative from Gokana Local Government Area, paid a familiarization visit to the headquarters of OLBTO, Agwut Obolo town.   The leader of the group, Mr. Dinebari Deezua, the project coordinator, expressed the group happiness at what they saw.  Mr. Dinebari Deezua called for cooperation and partnership with OLBTO, pointing out that prudent management of resources enabled the Organization achieve the feat.  Earlier, the President of OLBTO, HRH (Sir) A. M. Edeh-Ogwuile, KSC, assured the group of the willingness of OLBTO to assist them in areas of language development, saying the project is financed by the Obolo people.



The Obolo Film Makers Association paid courtesy visit to OLBTO to felicitate with her.  The group consists of vibrant young girls and boys cut across the breath of Obolo.  As the name implies, the group is aimed at projecting the image, culture and patrimony of Obolo people through film making.   Earlier, the leader of the group Mr. Ekeneodiong Nglass, said they were at the OLBTO office to felicitate and partner with the Organization in areas of Obolo language orthography and pedagogy in film making.  Dr. Uche Aaron thanked the group, and assured them that OLBTO is ready to assist in their quest to foster the unity of Obolo people.


The headquarters of Eastern Obolo went agog.  In order not to break COVID-19 protocol, no fewer than fifty persons from all walks of life gathered at the Assemblies of God church Okoroete town to witness and celebrate God.  Brother Daniel Zephaniah, a Chartered Accountant with the OLBTO sacrificed his happiness by taking former Miss Christiana Ojoko, an undergraduate of University of Uyo, to the altar.

The Presiding Minister of God Rev. (Dr.) E. Isangadighi expressed his happiness for the disposition and doggedness of the couple and charged them to be the personification of Christ in their endeavours.


A 9 man OBEC Education Board, met at Agwut Obolo

 Town, headquarters of OLBTO to inspect facilities for

 the Commencement of OBEC Secondary school this

 2020/2021   academic session.

The Chairman of the Board, Prof. (Mrs) Charity Okujagu expressed the Board’s desire to actualize the dream

of the proponent of the Schools.  The board has since started the process.

 The Secondary School which shall be science oriented will commence registration of qualified applicants

into Basic Seven this academic year. Meanwhile interested persons with requisite qualifications

with B.Sc, B.Ed or NCE in Mathematics and Science are to apply for employment.


Thank God for:

  1. Continued support by Andoni Area Council of Traditional Rulers.
  2. Relative Peace in Andoni and Eastern Obolo LG As.
  3. Inauguration of OBEC Education Board.
  4. Health of staff and members of OLBTO.


Pray for:

  1. More people to join the 2k – 2k CLUB.
  2. More people to support the Organization Financially.
  3. More churches to pay their Assessment.
  4. OBEC Secondary School to commence in 2020/21.
  5. Completion of OBEC classroom building.
  6. Good health for Trustees, Executive committee members and staff of OLBTO.


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