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Bilingual Class in Session


As the year begins to lose momentum, the grips of 2016 are very much stronger to usher in a new vision where OLBTO remains committed and steadfast in her service to God and man.  Though there are challenges.  This is natural.  To avoid figment of imagination, we shall keep our various stakeholders and supporters abreast of the colossal structural activities of the Organisation.  The key areas include, administration, sales of Bible, Literacy, Scripture promotion, and Finance etc.


     The Annual General Meeting is one of the crucial meetings of the Organisation holding at the end of the fiscal year.  It provides a forum for stake holders and members of the Executive to meet and exchange views on some mutual challenges and prospects of the Organisation.  It is mandatory for members to attend. The 2014 Annual General meeting was held in Agwut Obolo and Okoroete respectively.  Though the two meetings recorded low attendance, yet it was a huge success. The high lights of the meeting was the launching  of Obolo Calendar.  Meanwhile, OLBTO appreciates our benefactors and  supporters who redeemed their pledges.  Those who  personally identified with us were not left out.  We  have employed two staff, a teacher and a minder on contract basis to strengthen the literacy department.  We hope to look into some of the proposed income generating ventures as soon as the financial position  of the Organisation improves.


The sale of Bibles has reduced tremendously.  The division of the LGA into zones to facilitate the sales did not yield much dividend.  The statement of sales proceeds and expenses for the five zones namely  Unyeada and Asarama.  Dema, Ataba, Ikuru Town and Ebukuma zones,  for the period between July  and September, 2014, indicated that carriage outwards and other related expenses within the said zones was high. Undoubtedly there is a great fear in our plan to visit other communities yearning for their turn.


 With the sudden exit of the coordinator, Sir catechist Isidore EneAwaji, the department was thrown intooblivion.  But our titan advisor, Madam Marianne Aaron, with the aid of the acting Coordinator Deacon Walter Hebron N. did not conclude by the mere look of it that a corn is unripe, but tore it open for examination.  She organized series of workshops to train teachers of Obolo Bilingual Education Centre and other resource persons.  The methodology and pedagogy of teaching English, Obolo Languages, and Engineering terminologies in Mathematics and Science, etc. were also aggressively pursued.


A four day Bible programme was organized at St. Paul’s (Ang) Church, Agana. It was intended to train Pastors, Church Teachers, and Evangelists etc. from Ilotombi to Agana.  The participants were among others trained on how to use printed work.  Speaking to the Newsletter Correspondent, the Coordinator of the Scripture Promotion, Pastor Charles Urang, said though the attendance was poor, the training was a success. He advised the participants to always rehearse with resource persons from time to time to upgrade their knowledge, saying the course provides an avenue to strengthen the church relationship with the Organisation.  Aside, it provides for a necessary boost to popularize, project, and encourage the development of Obolo Language.  Moreover sales of Obolo Audio Bible in memory cards, CDs, mp3 blue tooth players, and

Jesus Film VCDs, is ongoing at the OLBTO offices.  


The prevailing economic challenges facing the Organisation are a source of concern.  The operating expenses are superseding the income generation on daily basis.  This is subject to the monumental withdrawal of churches and other supporters of their financial obligation. Presently we have no outstanding income generating investment to salvage the situation.  Consequently payment of staff salaries and other statutory obligations are becoming extremely difficult and dwindling on monthly basis. However, we will not fail to give God the glory and to note with appreciation the enormous interest and supports which our sons and daughters, including foreign friends, are giving to

us.  We also wish to call for an urgent need to put our heads together to find a possible solution to this ordeal. We also wish to call on our Board of Trustees to network with Government, Non-governmental Organisations, and charitable individuals for cooperation and funding.


Obolo Bible Day: Churches in the L.G.A. celebrated 24th May 2015 to mark the 1st birthday of Obolo Bible.  This was historic.  This was in compliance to the directives by the OLBTO.  Some staff of OLBTO who visited some of the churches confirmed that only very few churches complied. Some ministers of God however expressed gratitude to God, saying the birthday is worth celebrating. We expect and urge all churches in Obolo land tocelebrate the 2nd birthday, come 24th May  2016.  To God be the glory.

Free Bible Donation: The former President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, donated

a copy of Obolo Bible each to all Primary Schools in Andoni LGA.  We thank the President for bringing a touch of gold to every endeavour of our educational development.  This singular gesture has created a platform for our children and wards to excel in their God given talents to promote the culture and language of Obolo people.  Teachers should make judicious use of  the Bible.

  Thanksgiving in Eastern Obolo, in Retrospect:  It was a moment of joy.   A dream come true.  It was  celebration galore.  People from all walks of life gathered at St. Silas  Primary School Okoroete play ground on 5th July, 2014  to sing and praise God for accomplishing the great feat.  The Chairman of the occasion, Elder Ekereubong  Evans John, who eulogized the great achievement,  described the Obolo Bible as a wonderful treasure.   Prominent sons of Eastern Obolo who graced the event  include, His Lordship Arcbishop E. E. Nglas (RTD), Hon.  Adasi Ubulom,  Commissioner for   Urban and Renewal in  Akwa Ibom State, representatives of Eastern Obolo   L.G.A., Sir Levi L. Uzono, Chairman, Eastern Obolo baranch  of OLBTO, and other security operatives. 

 Promotion of Obolo Language:  OLBTO is observing with dismay that most of our primary Schools and churches do not promote the use of our language.  This is very disheartening and detrimental.  Our people must be taught, trained and brought up.  We appeal to both teachers and ministers of God in our various churches and schools, with due sense of responsibility and respect, to use the language as a medium of instruction.  It is proven that learners learn better if they understand the language of communication.

 Celebration of Obolo Bible abroad:  The Highland Park Baptist Church, Southfield, Michigan, USA, and Evangelische Gemeente ’t Kruispunt, Rijnsburg, Netherlands, celebrated Obolo complete Bible with pomp and pageantry. Describing the events which attracted mammoth crowd, Dr. and Mrs. Uche Aaron said both were  unprecedented and wonderful.  In Netherlands, members were treated to African music, Meanwhile Teun van der Ree donated memory cards for Scriptural Use promotion.

 Death: Our dear colleague, sixty-nine year old Sir, Catechist Isidore Emmanuel Ene-Awaji died and wasburied on 28th February 2015. It was the darkest moment for the people of Obolo and more especially the OLBTO.  Sir Isidore Ene-Awaji was one of the founding members of OLBTO. Hundreds of sympathizers basked in the euphoria of the great loss at CPS. Ayama Agana play ground to pay their last respect.  The sudden departure compelled uncontrolled tears that rolled down the eyes of these who paid homage.  The presiding Rev. Father lacked words to describe the inspired Bible translator.  With his death we have lost a titan, author, Literacy Coordinator and a meta-language proponent.  Nevertheless, he has left us with many legacies that we must continue to cherish in our relentless effort to build Obolo language. His exit at this time of language rebirth is painful.  In fact, too melancholic, and petrifying, even to discuss.  Can the vacuum be filled?  May his soul rest in perfect peace.

PRAISES: Thank God for:

  • Successful transition of Government in Nigeria
  • Successful burial of Catechist Isidore Ene-Awaji.
  • God’s protection and good health for the BOT and EXCO members of OLBTO.
  • Successful hospitalization of our president
  • Continued sustenance of OLBTO.

PRAYERS: We solicit your supplications for:

  • Consolation of Catechist Isidore’s family.
  • Continued support by our LGAs and peace in Obolo land.
  • Implementation of planned projects.
  • Good health for our consultants, BOT, EXCO members, Supporters and Staff.

 Text Box: Send your contributions to: Account Number 0038671363, Guaranty Trust Bank PLC, Aba Road, Port Harcourt.


Obolo Bilingual Education Centre Now Opens for enrolment of pupils into Primaries One and Two.

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