Newsletter 2017





Umin Obolo Award

Presented to OLBTO

For her contributions  in Transforming  Obolo Nation through God’s word in Obolo Language


Andoni Youth leaders And Stake Holders

Forum (AYLSF).


The popularity of an Organization depends on its ability to solve her problems in order of priority.  This was demonstrated some years ago.  The assertion cannot but be openly testified that the people worked with God and by inspiration they were strong, courageous, not afraid or discouraged. Like Solomon, in their dispositions God led in extra-ordinary way and they were irrevocably committed and by invaluable contributions the Obolo is standing tall among her contemporaries.

The poor State of things today are very appalling, reminiscence of lack of renewed commitment by supporters despite repeated appeals.  The ugly scenario manifest consistently.  However, it is more glaring now than ever before that God is still providing privileged opportunities to widen the scope of the service. 

The areas which provide clues on the journey so far include:


At first it is difficult to decide which is the most exciting year in the life of the project.  The recent development cannot be compared with the preceding years.  The reasons are simple if average statistical records taken, measure financial hardship is more pronounced than ever before. The year 2017 was turbulent and stands out as unique.  Contribution by benefactors remain stagnant. Unfounded information from the pit of the enemies manifest consistently despite repeated clearance. Moreso abysmal behaviours and derailment by churches and other donor agencies optimally contribute to non payment of salaries and project execution. However, God Almighty continues to increase us in faith and strength to carry the banner of Christ higher to achieve the set goals.


The inculcation of permanent literacy has been a major objective of Primary education in Nigeria.  Unfortunately only very few have achieved it.  It has been proved beyond doubt that one major factor for the failure is that foreign language has been the medium of instruction instead of the mother tongue which has been viewed in different ways, particularly in the context of reflecting them in the education systems of countries that are developing in a multilingual context.  Several high-level meetings have concluded that there is an urgent need for African States to adopt specific policies on the use and promotion of mother tongue.  The decision to introduce mother language into education system has psycho-pedagogical and andragogical components.  The essential aim in making such choice is to facilitate basic learning.

Obolo Bilingual Education Centre, OBEC is established in line with the federal government policy in Education which stipulates the use of mother tongue as medium of instruction in schools.  It is a known fact that “if the content based subjects can initially be taught in the first language of the child rather than the second language(English), the children will understand the content better, and the class teacher can also communicate better with the children.

OBEC priority is to promote and preserve the unique cultural heritage of Obolo language and promote quality education.  It is not a profit making but a demonstration school where all sections are expected to test with time.


The OLBTO functional responsibility to serve God and mankind is by way of encouraging and sponsoring projects that conform with fundamental principle of God. But this cannot be done successfully without your concerted effort in assisting   financially to enable these projects to be executed.  Suffice it to say that OLBTO has no sources of income but depends on subvention, donations and church assessment.  Unfortunately, these have dwindled in recent time and the Organization is structed by the incongruity of the situation.  Your continued support to enable us carry out our statutory obligation is highly solicited.

PROMOTION OF OBOLO LANGUAAGE:  The clarion call to use Obolo language in all strata of our educational endeavours can not be over emphasized.  Today the Obolo language occupies a privileged position, hence our felicitation to the pioneers who have laboured to such a significant level.  Promotion and preservation of the language is our collective responsibility at this time of language rebirth.  OBEC, an offshoot of OLBTO is charged with introducing mother language into educational system which has pscho-pedagogical and andragogical component.  Dr. and Mrs. Uche Aaron the proponents of the System (Bilingual education) thought beyond primary education level. 

Consequent upon their mission and vision statement, the primary education section has since taken off to promote and preserve, the unique cultural heritage of Obolo language and promoting quality education.   It is a long term proposal.  Therefore, Ministers of God, teachers and parents are sincerely call to preach, teach and name their children in Obolo language for posterity to remember them as great crusaders.

OBOLO BIBLE DAY:  The Commemoration of 24th May of every year is very crucial to believers in Obolo land, for it marks another milestone in the history of their Christian life.  The pioneers laboured successfully to weather the storms, this was possible through the assistance of some distinguished Obolo sons and daughters during the past hectic years.  It is for this heroic feat of theirs that payment of tributes became necessary.  Celebrate the day with cool head and sober mind realizing that posterity will remember your great input, following what legacies we left behind for our next generation.

God will continue to speak to us in our own language for better graps of His words.

BRIEF: Emerging Language/Gro wind B.T.O. Conference:

  1. A conference for Emerging Language/Growing Bible Translation Organization was held at the Bible Society of Nigeria, Abuja on 23rd-27th July, 2017.  The conference which was organized by Seed Company (Sc) was aimed at accelerating scripture translation and impact for people without God’s words through Great Commission Partnership.  They have the vision to see God’s words transforming lives in every language in this generation.  The conference was led by Amy Easterlin the senior, Seed Company field Coordinator and Darcie Drymon, IT support Personnel for Seed Company in charge of Computer matters respectively.   A total of seventy participants from 14 Emerging Language/Growing B.T.O.s attended the Conference.  OLBTO made an indelible presentation to show case a landmark achievement and reflections which appeared to be a reference point.  Pastor Charles Urang was nick named “THE OBOLO MAN” To God be the glory.


  1. OBOLO NATION ACHIEVERS AWARD:  Precisely 5th November, 2017 cannot be forgotten in the minds of Obolo sons and daughters who basked in euphoria of great joy to witness some personalities from Obolo ethnic nationality conferred with awards at the Hotel presidential Port Harcourt.  The awardees have been seen and adjudged to be worthy of recognition and honour for their distinguished achievement and contribution to the development of Obolo nation.  The awards which were categorize into posthumous, honorary, ulọk umin, utoon̄ and uja Obolo, was organized by the Andoni Youth Leaders and stakeholders Forum.  OLBTO was nominated for the “UMIN OBOLO AWARD” because of her contribution in transforming Obolo nation through God’s words in Obolo language.  Earlier, in his opening address, the chairman of the occasion, Sir Cyrus T. Nkangwung JP thanked God and the organizers of the occasion for adopting a broad-based approach in selecting the awardees that were adjudged to be recognized and honoured for their starling contributions. The chairman charged all sons and daughters of Obolo nation to rise up to the challenges, saying that the development of Obolo nation is a collective responsibility of all and sundry.

It is said that “Variety is the spice of life” OBEC

celebrated her end of year activities on 20th July, 2017

at CPS Agwut Obolo play ground.   The event attracted

unprecedented crowd who were basked in euphoria to

witnessed their children and wards performance.  The

audience were thrilled to entertainment which feature

series of short performances such as singing, playlets

and dancing to traditional music where pupils danced

rhythmically, swaying their hips to the music.  Another

exciting event was the funny act tagged “Eating in the

Air” that made the audience break into rapturous

applause.   Speaking to our news letter reporter, some

spectators expressed joy at what they saw, describing

OBEC as the citadel of learning, promising to send

their children and wards to the school.

Earlier, the chairman of the occasion, Pastor Charles Urang thanked the Organizers of the programme, pointing out that the experience the people have today was a living testimony that OBEC “is saddled with the responsibilities to promote Obolo language and cultural heritage to the advancement of the educational system in Obolo land and beyond.”  Presenting his Key note address, the Head teacher, Mr. Jeremiah Fubara expressed gratitude to God and the people.  He specifically felicitated with Dr. and Mrs Uche Aaron, the proponents of Bilingual education for their dispositions.  Mr. Fubara used the occasion to debunk the rumours that OBEC only teaches Obolo language. He described the rumours as malicious, reiterating that OBEC is fully committed to imbue the children with the desire for educational emancipation which has eluded our people.

The literacy Coordinator, Deacon Ntedeng, Walter H. who described the event as unprecedented in modern times expressed joy and pledged to present awards to some best performed pupils in the areas of traditional dance and reading news in Obolo and English language respectively.


The OLBTO  was represented by Pastor Charles Urang  in a conference organized by the Rivers State Readers Project. The conference which was attended by eminent sons and daughters representing the various language groups in the State was aimed at discussing the path to developing the indigenous languages. Consequently, a Board would be constituted which will be responsible for the training of candidates for the teaching of local languages in our schools.  The Rivers State Government pledged her desire to partner with the Board for promoting a deliberate process in local language development.


PRAISES: Thank God for:

  • The successful hosting of Obolo nation Achievers Award where OLBTO was a beneficiary.
  • Continued support by Andoni Council of chiefs.
  • God’s continued sustenance of the Organization
  • Pastor Charles Urang safe journey to Abuja to attend conference of Emerging and Gro wind B.T.Os.

PRAYERS:  Pray for:

      • Completion of OBEC six classroom block.
      • Continued Support of our local and oversea benefactors/benefactresses.
      • Unity and cooperation among our Communities for peace to reign.
      • Continued support by churches, local Government Council, Corperate Bodies etc.
      • Good health of our consultants, Trustees, Executive Committee members and Staff, OLBTO.



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      • Branch office:  Civic Centre, Okorombokho
      • Eastern Obolo LGA, Akwa Ibom State.

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