Annual General Meeting


It is the tradition of the "Obolo Language and Bible Translation organization [OLBTO]" to schedule an Annual General Meeting for Obolo people every year. This meeting is open to everybody; any Obolo person anywhere, any member of any church within Obolo, as well as a visitor from any church in obolo, ministers of the gospel and otherwise is free to attend.

In this meeting, information and reports about the activities of the Organization are available to everyone.  Anyone who is interested to know the progress of the work should attend this meeting.  Anyone with a useful opinion or idea for the development and progress of the work can share it at this meeting.  Also, invitation to this meeting is restrictive; it however passes through the churches.

The meeting holds in two locations; the one for Andoni LGA holds at Agwut-Obolo or Ngo while the one for Eastern Obolo LGA holds at Okoroete or Okorombokho respectively.